New Features

  • Duplicating Nodes: The selected node will be duplicated with the shortcut ‚d‘
  • Removing Nodes: The delete icon was removed and now the shortcut ‚x‘ will delete the selected node
  • Undo/Redo of Properties: Using ‚z‘ for undo and ‚y‘ for redo. This is a major feature and in the process the property names have changed and therefore all old projects will not setup properly (see breaks)
  • NEW OculusRift-Node
  • Raymarching-Node: Moved from Experimental to Main
  • Raymarching-Node: New Template with new params
  • Monitor-Node: New Console Output Inlet – printing out dump messages to the console



  • Preferences: Network – Text corrected



Breaks the old project settings: This means the old project files will not deal properly with the following nodes/properties anymore

  • Projects created with older versions will have broken properties.
    Fix: You can use a tool like textwrangler and run a Mulit-file Search and Replace over
    your project: replace all occurrences of „vpl_workspace_root“ with „node_workspace“
  • Canvas, Model, Shape and LedStrip: Shader selections inside these nodes need to be set again.
  • 3DViewer: Background color setting moved to preferences
  • 3DViewer: toggle display
  • Editor: toggle display
  • Windows: desktop position



  • Old Raymarching shaders inside the old downloadable examples dont work anymore with the updated Raymarching node. Use the current Examples.

Initial Release